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Religious Studies and Theology: RELG 101 H1- Readings

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Course description

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This module will provide an introduction to the academic study of religion as well as a history and generalized study of the beliefs and practices of Hinduism, African Religion,Christianity, Islam and New Religious Movements.

Assignment Help

These are the books that may assist you with your assignment.

1. Probability and theistic explanation211.3 PRE ( Available in PMB, currently on order for Howard) 

2. Philosophy of religion : selected readings210 PHI

3. Religion in sociological perspective306.6  WIL

4Film as religion : myths, morals, and rituals- 291.175 LYD

5. Saving God : religion after idolatry210 JOH

6. Secular theories on religion : current perspectives- 215 SEC

7. A guide to writing academic essays in religious studies200.71 BRO

8. The state of the university : academic knowledges and the knowledge of God-230.071 HAU

9. Dimensions of the sacred : an anatomy of the world's beliefs 291 SMA

The following are articles: please click on them

Dimensions of the Sacred: An Anatomy of the World's Beliefs


Primal Religion


Study Material

The following books are available in the library first floor in the following shelf numbers:

1. Schmidt, R. 1988. Exploring Religion. California: Wadsworth - 200 SCH

2. Thorpe, SA. 1992. Primal Religions Worldwide. Pretoria: UNISA - 291 THO

3. Magesa, L. 1998. Defining African Religion. African Religion: The moral traditions of abundant life. New York, Nairobi: Orbis: Pualines  Publications Africa, 1 -34299.6 MAG

4.Kumar, PP. 2013. Hinduism and the Diaspora: A South African Narrative. New Delhi: Rawat Publications-N 294.50968 KUM(Special Collection)

5. Molloy, M. (2005). Judaism. In M. Molloy, Experiencing the World's Religions:Tradition, Challenge and Change (pp. 283 - 339). New York: McGraw Hill.- 200 MOL

6. Hellig, J. 1995. In Prozesky, M & De Gruchy, J (eds.), Living Faiths in South Africa (pp.155 – 176. Cape Town: David Phillip - 291 PRO

7. Bloom, J. & Blair, S. (2002). The Sources of Faith. In Bloom, J. & Blair, S. Islam: A Thousand years of Faith and Power. USA: Yale UniversityPress. - 297.09 BLO

The following book is available in academic reserves

1. Hofmeyr, JW. & Pillay, GJ. 1994. A history of Christianity in South Africa. Vol. 1. Pretoria: Haum- 276.8 HIS


The following articles can be accessed by clicking on it, it will take you strait to the full text

1.Woodhead, L. 2011. Five Concepts of Religion. International Review of Sociology 21:1,121 -143

2. Denis, P. 2006. The rise of African religion in post-apartheid South Africa. Missionalia, 34 (2/3): 310 -232

3. Vahed, G. 2000. Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship – A question of identities. Transformation 43: 25 – 51

4. Barker, E. (2005). New religious Movements: their incidence and significance. In B. W.Cresswell, New Religious Movements: Challenge and Response. London: Routledge.


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