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Political Studies and Policy and Development Studies: POLS 720 AND 702 READINGS

REferencing and Endnote

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Reading List 2017: POLS 702

Week 2 and Week 3 Readings

Burawoy, M. 1974. Race, class and colonialism. Social and Economic Studies. 23 (4): 521 – 550. 

Khumalo, S. 2008. Swinging between belligerence and servility: John Dube’s struggle for freedom(s) in South Africa. University of KwaZulu Natal. 

Landau, PS. 2012. The ANC, MK, and ‘The Turn to Violence’ (19601962). South African Historical Journal. 64 (3): 538 - 563

Makino, K. 2013. Introduction: Public Policy and Transformation in South Africa after Democratization. In Makino Kumiko and Kuzuki Sato, eds. Public Policy and Transformation in South Africa after Democratization. Spot Survey 33. Chiba. IDE-JETRO

Masilela, N. 2009. The Historical and Literary Moment of Njabulo. S. Ndebele. English in Africa. 36 (1): 17 – 39. 

Gumede, V. 2008. Public policy making in a post-apartheid South Africa: A preliminary perspective. Africanus 38 (2): 7-23.

Pierson, C. 2004. The Modern State. 2nd edition. Routledge. Section 1: page 4 – 26; and Section 7: page 154 – 173. 


Week 4 and 5 Readings

John. P. 2013. New directions in public policy: theories of policy change and variation reconsidered. University College London. 

Laswell, H. 1956. The Political Science of Science: An Inquiry into the Possible Reconciliation of Mastery and Freedom. The American Political Science Review. 50 (4): 961-979

Mthethwa, BVS. nd. Theoretical foundations of public policy. Unpublished. 

Marume, SBM. 2016. Meaning of Public Administration. Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science. 4 (6): 15-20. 

UNDP Global Centre for Public Excellence.  2015. From Old Public Administration to the New Public Service: Implications for Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries. UNDP. Singapore. 

United Nations Economic and Social Council. 2006. Definition of basic concepts and terminologies in governance and public administration. Committee of Experts on Public Administration. Fifth session. New York.


Roux, NL. 2002. Public policy-making and policy analysis in South Africa amidst transformation, change and globalisation: Views on participants and role players in the policy analytic procedure. Journal of Public Administration. 37 (4): 418 – 439. 

Week 6, 7, 8,9 and 10 Readings

Fisher, F; Miller, GJ & Sidney, MS. 2007. Handbook of Public Policy Analysis: Theory, Politics, and Methods. CRC Press. London. 

Subroto, A.  2011. Understanding Complexities in Public Policy Making Process through Policy Cycle Model: A System Dynamics Approach. 

Aminaka, A. 2013. Transition in immigration policy: Inclusion and Exclusion in the South African state after democratization. In Makino Kumiko and Kuzuki Sato, eds. Public Policy and Transformation in South Africa after Democratization. Spot Survey 33. Chiba. IDE-JETRO. 

Makino, K. 2013. Social grants to fight poverty: Policy Developments, Achievements and Limitations.  In Makino Kumiko and Kuzuki Sato, eds. Public Policy and Transformation in South Africa after Democratization. Spot Survey 33. Chiba. IDE-JETRO. 

Walters, J. 2014.  Public transport policy implementation in South Africa: Quo vadis?  Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management 8(1): 1-10

Maseng, JO. 2014. State and Non-State Actors in South African Public Policy. Policy Brief. 107: 1-5



Week 11, 12 and 13 Readings

Chipkin, I & Lipietz, L. 2012. Transforming South Africa’s racial bureaucracy: New Public Management and public sector reform in contemporary South Africa. PARI Long Essay. 1: 1-27. 

Bhorat, H., Hirsch, A., Kanbur, R & Ncube, M. 2014.  Economic Policy in South Africa Past, Present, And Future. Development Policy Research Unit. University of Cape Town. 

South African history online. 2014. South Africa – first 20 years of democracy (1994 – 2014): South Africa’s key economic policies changes since 1994 – 2013. Available at

DIRCO. 2016. South Africa's Withdrawal from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Department of International Relations and Cooperation. South Africa. 

Du Plessis, M. 2008. South Africa’s International Criminal Court Act: Countering genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Paper No 172.  Institute for Security Studies. 

Human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity (2011) United Nations Human Rights Council

275: Resolution on Protection against Violence and other Human Rights Violations against Persons on the basis of their real or imputed Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity (s)4 (2014) African Commission on Human and People's Rights. 

Readings list 2016 POLS 720



Athenian Democracy: a brief overview

Paradoxes of Constitutional Democracy

Elitist democracy or liberal democracy?schumpeter revisited


From Liberalism to Liberal Democracy

The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Citizen Participation in Local Politics: Evidence from New England Town Mee


Deliberative Participation in Local Development DAVID A. CROCKER

Citizens’ Juries and Deliberative Democracy Graham Smith

John Dewey and David Graeber Elements of Radical Democracy in Pragmatist and Anarchist Thinking

Communicative Power in Habermas’s Theory of Democracy Jeffrey Flynn M

Participatory Versus Radical Democracy in the 21st Century: Carole Pateman, Jacques Rancière, and Sheldon Wolin Jason Vick

“In defence of electoral politics and democracy in Africa: Review of Lindberg‟s Thesis” Christopher Appiah-Thompson

African democracy update: Democratic satisfaction remains elusive for many

Democratizing or Africanizing Democracy: Which way Africa?

The State of Liberal Democracy in Africa: Resurgence or Retreat? By Tony Leon

The State of African Democracy: Status, Prospects, Challenges

The Near-Death of Democracy Benjamin R. Barber

The Meanings of Democracy

How countries democratize

The following books are avilable in EG Malheber Library second floor

1. Theories of democracy : a critical introduction 321.8 CUN

2. Democratization : a critical introduction 321.8 GRU 

3. Capitalism, socialism, and democracy 335 SCHU  

4. Democracy and exchange : Schumpeter, Galbraith, T.H. Marshall, Titmuss and Adam Smith 321.8 REI  

5. Participation and democratic theory 321.8 PAT  

6. Deliberative democracy and beyond : liberals, critics, contestations 321.8 DRY   

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