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Forensic Medicine: Books

Forensic Medicine

New Books 614.1 Medical School Main Library

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The book stock

Print books for loan

Forensic medicine books can be found across the different libraries.The book collection is shelved by number. The broad number for Forensic Medicine is 614. Check the iLink catalogue for the exact location of a specific book.

Academic Reserves

Prescribed and recommended books that are in high demand for lectures and assignments may be kept in the Academic Reserves section of the library. These books may only be borrowed overnight (3 pm to 9 am the following day) or for weekends (from Friday afternoon till Monday morning 9 am). During the day, an item may be used within the AR area for a 2 hour period. Items may be booked for use in advance.

Reference books

These are dictionaries and encyclopedias that provide definitions and overviews of topics. The printed reference books may not be borrowed. Below is a list of some online reference works.

E books

The Library is still building its e book collection. Below are some examples.

Academic Reserves

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