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Psychiatry: Journals

What is a journal?

A journal is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, academics and other experts. Journals focus on a specific discipline or field of study.

The libraries contain many print journals but increasingly they are available online.

Print journals

  • From the Library website click on the iLink catalogue tab.
  • Type in the title of the journal and click on the blue journal tab below the search box.
  • Find the journal in the relevant section of the library.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Finding eJournals

  • From the Electronic resources page option on the Library Website click on e-Journals A-Z.
  • Type in the title of the journal.
  • If the journal is available online, access details will be provided showing where the journal appears and the time coverage.

Don't know the names of journals? Often publishers put collections of journals together in databases which can be searched by topic, keyword, author etc. Click on the Databases tab above.

Below is a list of some key psychiatry journals.

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