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Economic History and Development Studies: Books


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Books may be borrowed for particular time periods depending on your year of study. They are arranged according to subject matter, using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. The online icatalogue (see link below) will help you find the books you need.


The library has a growing collection of electronic books which can be found by searching on the online icatalogue. You may also search by visiting our e-book collections. For example, click  on (EBSCOhost) e-book collection , tick the full text box then tick the search button to see a list of e-book titles that UKZN owns full text access to.

In addition, the link below is an open access database of e-books.



Use the online Oxford English Dictionary!


Key reference works for Economic History and Development Studies

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Reference books

These are books (in the E.G Malherbe Library {Dbn}  that in most cases are not loanable and may only be used in the library, for example, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They are identified by the letter 'R' preceding the shelf number on the spine. They are located at the ground floor of the library( Howard College Campuse):  

Academic Reserves

Prescribed and recommended books in high demand are placed here. A two hour loan period is available in order to provide access to as many people as possible. Material may not be removed from the library.

Be warned! Late material is subject to heavy fines!

Some examples:

Google Books search

Google Book Search

Books to help you in your research

The books listed below are available at the E.G. Malherbe Library (Dbn) and the Cecil Renaud Library (Pmb)

New books in the library

The books listed below can be found in  the E.G. Malherbe Library (Dbn)

  1. GROE TRANSFORMATION : zur zukunft moderner gesellschaften. By Dorre Klaus 303.4 GRO
  2. Botswana a modern economic history : an African diamond in the rough By Hillbom Ellen 330.96888 HIL
  3. Taxing colonial Africa : the political economy of British Imperialism By Gardner Leigh 336.200917124109034 GAR
  4. Soil not oil : environmental justice in an age of climate crisis By Shiva Vandana 333.9516 SHI
  5. Citizen and subject : contemporary Africa and the legacy of late colonialism By Mamdani Mahmood 320.96 MAM
  6. The Making of modern Africa vol 1 By Afigbo A.E. 960 MAK
  7. Decolonization and African society : the labor question in French and British Africa By Cooper Frederick 331.096 COO
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