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Philosophy: Research support

Research Methodology Books

  • Books on research methodology : 001.45 and 300.7...

  • Key texts are often kept in Academic Reserves

Some Online research books

  1. Sage research methods online
  2. Research methods knowledge base

Some key methodology books in print in the UKZN libraries are:

Existing theses are useful for structure, methodology and references.

Click on the Theses / Dissertations tab above for a useful list of theses databases. Below is the link to ResearchSpace, the UKZN online thesis site.

Steps in the research process

Identify the research area
What kind of research are you doing and what is the research question/s and / or hypothesis that you wish to answer?

Design the research study
There are various broad types of research  which may be qualitative or quantitative and each requires a particular methodology:

Undertake a preliminary literature review and draw up a research proposal for your supervisor. Check whether ethical clearance is needed

Carry out research
Know your library collection in both print and electronic, know the tools for searching for information and understand how to evaluate resources. Situate your research within current research. Collect your evidence to answer your research question. Click on the Books, Journals, Databases and Theses tabs above for more information on sources of information and tools. A very useful  brief guide to aspects of the literature review and types of reviews etc has been put together by Chimene Tucker of the Unviersity of S California.
Analyse research results
What does your research / data collection tell you and in relation to your research question?
Publish research results
In what format / style must your thesis be written; ensure your referencing is correct and you have avoided plagiarism (click on the Referencing tab above)

Literature Review

A literature review is a proces of reading accounts of what others have had to say on a particular topic or on closely related topics. It is also about tracking down and reading as many research reports as you can find on the subject.

For guidance in conducting a literature review for different purposes consider the following resources:

Thesis/dissertation & Paper writing

  • Books on thesis writing and referencing: 808.02 +
  • Books on philosophy paper writing: 107 +
  • Key texts are often kept in Academic Reserves

            Some examples:

UKZN Research Office

Research Commons

The Research Commons is a dedicated advanced space for postgraduate students at masters and doctoral level as well as reseachers and academic staff at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Where do I find it? 

The first UKZN Research Commons is situated on the Ground Floor of E G Malherbe Library, Howard College Campus in Durban and is accessed by swipe card. This glass partitioned room offers access to 18 state-of-the-art computers, wireless connectivity for laptop computers and one-on-one consultations with skilled research librarians. 

Other UKZN Libraries Research Commons are at Edminson Library, Edgewood Campus and the Main Library in Westville Campus. Pietermaritzburg Research Commons is under construction and should be ready for use in 2014.

The Writing Place

The Writing Place (WP) provides one-on-one academic writing tutoring to students (undergrad-Masters) at the Drop-in Centre.

Need help with academic writing? Visit one of the following WP locations and book a free consultation with a tutor who will help and guide you through the academic writing process.

Westville Campus
Suite J012 (J-Block)

Howard College 
E G Malherbe Library, 1st Floor, Reserve Book Room 
PMB Campus  Office B7
(Commerce Building Basement)
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