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Economic History and Development Studies: ECHS 101 Readings 2017/ 2018

ECHS 101

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ECHS 101 Reading List

kindly note that the books are available in the Library second floor, and for articles you need to click on the links below.


Paarlberg, Robert (2010) Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know. Oxford: Oxford University Press338.19 PAA (NB: this copy has been placed in the academic reserves)

Malthus, Thomas (1798) An Essay on the Principle of Population.  301.32 MAL

Escobar, E. (1995) Encountering Development. 338.9 ESC


McMichael, Philip (2000) ‘The Power of Food,’ Agriculture and Human Values, 17, pp21-33.

 Magdoff, Fred (2012) ‘Food as Commodity,’ Monthly Review, Volume 63, Issue 08 (January)

Friedmann, Harriet (2000) “What on earth is the modern world system? Food getting in the modern era and beyond,” 

George, Susan (1977) How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reasons for World Hunger

Hardin, G. (1968) ‘The tragedy of the Commons,’ Science, 162, pp. 1243 -1248.

Cleaver, Harry M. (1972) ‘The Contradictions of the Green Revolution,’ The American Economic Review, Vol. 62, No.1, pp 177 - 186)

Shiva, Vandana (1991) ‘The Green Revolution in the Punjab,’ The Ecologist, 21(2), pp. 57 – 60. 

Yapa, Lakshman (1993) ‘What are Improved Seeds? An Epistemology of Green Revolution,’ Economic Geography, 69 (3) pp. 254-273. 

Von Maltitz, G.P.  and Brent, A. (2009) ‘Assessing the Biofuel options for Southern Africa,’ Working Paper, CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment

Flammini, Alessandro (2008) ‘Biofuels and the Underlying Causes of High Food Prices,’ Global Bioenergy Partnership and Food and Agriculture Organization

OECD (20008) ‘Rising Food Prices: Causes and Consequences.’ OECD

Wahl, peter (2009) ‘Food Speculation: The Main Factor of the Price Bubble in 2008.’ Briefing Paper, World Economy, Ecology and Development. 

Olsson, Lennart (1993) ‘On the Causes of Famine: Drought, Desertification and Market Failure in the Sudan,’ Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 22(6), pp 395-403.

Moseley, William G. (2011) ‘Behind Africa’s famine, more than just drought Famine isn’t inevitable,’ Washington Post, July 29, 2011. 

Uvin, Peter (1993) ‘Regime, Surplus, and Self-Interest: The International Politics of Food Aid,’ International Studies Quarterly, 36(3), pp. 293-312.

O’Brien, Jay (1985) ‘Sowing the Seeds of Famine: The Political Economy of Food Deficits in Sudan,’ Review of African Political Economy, 12(33), pp.23-32.


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