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Economic History and Development Studies: ECHS210 Readings


Kindly note that the following books ara available in the library academic reserves and in the second or third floor of the main Library EG Malherbe 

1.  The making of contemporary Africa : the development of African society since 1800 By Bill Freund - 960.2 FRE   (Available at the academic reserves)

2. Citizen and subject : contemporary Africa and the legacy of late colonialism By Manhood Mamdani - 320.6 MAN

3. An economic history of South Africa : conquest, discrimination and development by C H Feinstein- 330.968 FEI

4. Setting the context: South Africa in international perspective”  in An Economic History of South Africa: Conquest, Discrimination and Development ( Chapter in the book by C H Feinstein) - 330.968 FEI

5. Southern Africa since 1800 by Denoon, D & Nyeko, B - 968 DEN

6. Angola : anatomy of an oil state by Hodges, T.- 967.304 HOD   

7. Ottaway, M. (2006) Dysfunctional states, dysfunctional armed movements, and lootable commodities; in Clapham (chapter in a book :Remapping Africa in the global space : propositions for change) available as an E-Book

8. Diamonds, dispossession & democracy in Botswana by Kenneth Good -968.83 GOO   

9. South Africa: the contrarian big African state; in Clapham, C. et al (eds.) Big African States; Wits University Press: Johannesburg. Pp 155 – 186. (Chapter in a book: Urbanization and Migration as Factors Affecting Global Economic Development)

10. From the Freedom Charter to Polokwane : the evolution of ANC economic policy by Ben Turok 

11. Scoones, I. et al  (2010)  Zimbabwe’s Land Reform: Myths and Realities; James Currey: Weaver Press, Harare. Pp 1-31 & 233 – 278.

12. Baker, A. (2019) “Country of Two Nations: South Africa’s Dividing Line”; in Time Magazine, Vol. 193, No. 18 / 2019

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