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Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS): Books

This subject support guide includes the following discipline: The Centre for Culture, Media & Society

New Print Books

Books may be borrowed for particular time periods depending on your year of study. They are arranged according to subject matter, using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. The online iCatalogue through the advanced search platform will help you find the books you need.


Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions to renewing your books online

Use the Online Oxford English Dictionary!


ABOUT THE BOOK COLLECTION (print & electronic)

UKZN Libraries have an extensive collection of print and electronic books. You may borrow items from the print collection using your student or staff card.  Electronic books are accessible via the 'Electronic Resources' tab on the library webpage.


  • Academic Reserves : Prescribed and recommended books:

Most recent South African texts and copies of prescribed and recommended books are usually kept in the Academic Reserves section of each library.  Academic Reserves materials may not be taken out of the library during the day but may be borrowed overnight or for weekends. An advance booking system is available, please consult the AR staff.

  • General book collection

The general book stock is arranged on the open shelves in Dewey (number) order. Criminology books can be found at 364. You may confirm your borrowing privileges by checking on the library webpage, under the 'general information' tab.

The 'Advanced Search' under the iCatalogue on the Library's website may be used to track the location and availability of an item.

  • Reference collection : Dictionaries and encyclopedias etc.

Discipline specific dictionaries and encyclopedias and other reference works are available in the libraries. This material is to be used only in the library and is not loanable.

  • eBooks

The eBook collection is currently being developed to supplement and enhance the print collection.  eBooks also facilitate greater access to more library users.  Importantly access to the eBook collections can be obtained from the library webpage under the 'electronic resources' tab. However, when you need to access any eBook and you are off-campus, you need to authenticate yourself as a user by logging in from the OFF-CAMPUS  page.  You will then be able to retrieve all eBooks available on the various databases.

  • Theses and dissertations

Print and electronic copies of theses are available. Electronic versions of theses can be accessed from the ResearchSpace platform. This is UKZN Library's repository of all submitted theses and dissertations.  For more information, please click on the Theses and Dissertations tab at the top of this page


The library has a growing collection of electronic books which can be found by searching under the online eBooks tab. Some examples are listed below.

In addition, links are provided to collections of electronic books.

Key reference works for Media Studies

Reference books

These are books that are not loanable and may only be used in the library, for example, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They are identified by the  

letter 'R' preceding the dewey number on the spine.

Some examples:

Academic Reserves

Prescribed and recommended books in high demand are placed here. A two hour loan period is available in order to provide access by as many people as possible. Material may not be removed from the library but may be borrowed over weekends on Saturday from 3pm and must be returned on Monday by 9am.

Be warned! Late material is subject to heavy fines!

Google Books Search

Google Book Search
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