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Sociology and Social Policy: PMB SOCY305 Sociology 305 TRAINING 14 March 2024

Socio 305 Training session 14 March 2023

Details for the Training session for PMB SOCY305 (Sociology 305), lecturer Dr Moya Bydawell.. 

Topic: Sociology - SOCY305
Date: March 14, 2023.

Online Zoom training session recording

Topic: Socio 305

Time: Mar 14, 2024    10:30 am Harare, Pretoria

Zoom Meeting Recording

Passcode: 3*N@7w?X

Cloud recordings will be deleted automatically after they have been stored for 20 days.


Subject librarian: Renee Damonse

033 260 5056 

PMB, Main Library, Office 5.


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