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Social Work: Journals

What is a Journal

Print journals

Use the icatalogue tab to search for print journal titles:

a) type in the journal title and if the result you want is not near the beginning of the results list, refine by format (journal) from the left hand column options

b) click on 'advanced search' and in the bottom half of the screen fill in the journal title as a 'title' from the menu options and choose the format from the drop down list (journal / magazine).

Open Access

Open Access (OA) is the practice of providing unristricted access via the internet to peer reviewed scholarly journal articles.

What is a journal?

  •  A journal (periodical) is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, academics, practitioners and other experts. Journals usually focus on a specific discipline or field of study. Articles in journals often deal with very specific aspects of topics and in depth. If you want a broad overview of your topic, start with a text book. Journals are like magazines: different issues or parts are published at regular intervals and each has the same title. Often each part has a number and all the parts for a year have a volume number. Usually several authors write articles per issue.                       

  •  Newspapers are also periodicals although generally not scholarly but may be a useful source of information. Most newspapers have online versions. SA Media on Sabinet provides scanned newspaper articles from a wide range of South African newspapers going back several decades and the Newspaper gateway provides access to a useful range of newspapers from around the world. Iolnews is a useful online source of South African news. See also the UKZN Library's newspaper page. Click on newspaper databases for access to archival newspaper articles from various databases.

Searching WorldCatLocal for eJournals and Articles


Find journal articles using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Key Social Work Journals

Accredited journals for publishing

Simply click on the link below to access a listing of DHET accredited journals

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