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School of Chemistry and Physics: Books

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Library's online catalogue: iLink

The Library's iLink catalogue tells you what books are available at UKZN and in which library and section of a library as well as the current status of a book eg is it in Academic Reserves, out on loan, on order etc.

 A Guide to using the iLink catalogue is available.

 Training sessions on how to use the catalogue are offered at the beginning of each semester.



Search the catalog:

Academic Reserves

The Library's iLink catalogue indicates what books have been placed in Academic Reserves. A special section of the catalogue enables you to search the Academic Reserves collection by module name and lecturer.

Academic Reserves material cannot be removed from the library during the day - the day is divided into two hour slots to allow as many users as possible to have access. Items can be borrowed overnight or for weekends (from 3 or 4 pm until 9am the following day or Monday). Items may be booked for use in advance. Ask at the issue desk.

You must produce your student card to be able to borrow items.

Here are a few core items on AR:

Brown. Chemistry the central science (Pmb and Westville)

Bruice. Organic chemistry (Pmb and Westville)

Shriver and Atkins inorganic chemistry (Pmb)

Atkins. Physics chemistry (Pmb and Westville)

Print books and online books: an introduction


Prescribed and recommended books: Academic Reserves

Copies of prescribed and recommended books are often kept in the Academic Reserves sections of the libraries. Academic Reserves materials may not be taken out of the library during the day but may be borrowed overnight or for weekends. An advance booking system is available, please consult the AR staff.

General book stock 

The general book stock is arranged on the open shelves in number order (see left hand column box for a detailed list), most within the number ranges:

  • 520-523 for Astronomy
  • 530-539 for Physics
  • 540 - 549 for Chemistry
  • 620's applied physics and engineering
  • 660's applied chemistry and chemical engineering and related technologies.

Undergraduates may borrow 6 items for a two week period. Postgrads may borrow 20 books for 42 days and staff 30 books for 90 days. Books may be renewed if not requested by another borrower. The iLink catalogue on the Library's website may be used to track the location and availability of an item. 

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Some specialist Chemistry and Physics dictionaries and encyclopedias are available in the libraries. See the box on the right hand side of this page for a list of print reference works. There are several online encyclopedias:

Ullmanns Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry      subscription not renewed due to budget cuts

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

 Dictionary of natural products subscription not renewed due to budget cuts


Please click on the Theses and Dissertations tab at the top of this page

E books

Most text books are currently not available electronically but a few are. The iLink catalogue will provide the URL where online access is available. The library has online access to:

Royal Society of Chemistry e book collection (1980 to 2011)

Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook

ScienceDirect e book collection

Kaye and Laby: Physical and chemical constants


What if a book is not available at UKZN?


UKZN Library offers an Interlibrary loan (ILL) facility through which books can be borrowed from other libraries in the country if available. Most times there is no charge for borrowing a book. Copies of journal articles may also be requested and if it cannot be scanned and emailed there is a fee for this.

There is an ILL office in each library. Forms are available for filling in or email the relevant ILL office.

On the national system SABINET, the collection SACat indicates what books are in which library in the country.

Detailed guide to the numbering system for arrangement of Chemistry and physics books in the library

A small selection of useful reference works in print

In the Pmb and EG Malherbe libraries, reference books are kept separately from the rest of the books. All reference books have the prefix R before the number.

McFadden. Encyclopedia of the solar system.  R 523.2 MACF (Pmb main library)

Barnert. Dictionary of physics. 4 vols. R 530 BAR Pmb main library; 530.3 DIC Westville library

CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics 91st ed. R 530 HAY Pmb main library;  89th edition available at Westville

Kaye & Laby. Tables of physical and chemical constants. R 530.8 KAY Pmb main library; earlier ed. available at Westville

Fenna. Dictionary of weights and measures. R 530.81 FEN (Pmb campus)

Cardarelli. Encyclopedia of scientific units, weights and measures: their SI equivalences and origins. R 530.812 CAR (Pmb main libray)

Lewis. Hawleys condensed chemical dictionary R 540 LEW, Pmb main library; 5640.3 Westville

Meyers. Encyclopedia of analytical chemistry. R 543 MEY (Pmb main library)

King. Encyclopedia of inorganic chemistry (Pmb main library and EG Malherbe library)

Kadin. Porphyrin handbook. R 547.593 KAD (Pmb main library)

Lewis. Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials R 604.7 (Pmb, EG Malherbe and Westville libraries)

Cahn. Materials science and technology. R 620.1 CAH (Pmb main library)

Trigg. Encyclopedia of applied physics. R 621 TRI Pmb library; 530.05 TRO Westville library.



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