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Classics: Journals

Guide to finding information sources

Articles published by UKZN researchers

ResearchSpace, the institutional repository of the University of KwaZulu-Natal houses the research of UKZN academics.

Useful journal links

Scholarly journals

Scholarly or academic journals are important resources of doing academic research and assignment writing as they contain up-to-date, specific and often in-depth information. It is even better to use peer-reviewed journals for research. These journals contain articles that have been critiqued by scholars/experts in the same field to ensure that they reflect solid scholarship and high academic standards.

The best and most efficient way of finding articles in peer-reviewed journals is to search the online databases. Here, by doing an advanced search, you can often limit the search to "peer-reviewed articles only" or "scholarly articles only".

The online databases can be found on the Databases A - Z list

Classical journals online

L' Annee philologique is a database that houses many classical journals.

The following is an alphabetical listing of all the electronic journal titles available to UKZN users. Go here when you want to read a specific journal online, or when you want to check availability.

Key journals for Classics


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