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Classics: Referencing

Guide to finding information sources

Referencing in Classics

Referencing shows which sources have been used in a document and gives credit to the original authors.

Referencing for Classics is based on the Harvard system (author/date).  Note that primary sources (ancient authors, texts etc) are not given in the List of References (the term 'bibliography' is not used). Ancient authors are cited according to the conventional abbreviations supplied at the front of the Oxford Classical Dictionary (third edition). If an abbreviation is not listed there then according to those in the Oxford Latin Dictionary or Liddell, Scott, Jones ninth edition.


Please find the guide below.


EndNote is an electronic package for creating and storing a library of references (citations plus abstracts, notes etc) which can then be used in conjunction with the typing of Word documents. Full text documents, figures, tables etc can be added to the references as attachments.



Turnitin is an internet based tool used to check and detect plagiarism in an essay or any kind of academic related document. It is licensed based software which is obtained through a subscription.

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