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The library has a growing collection of electronic books. Most text books are currently not available electronically but a few are. The iLink catalogue will provide the URL where online access is available.
Some examples of links to collections of electronic books are listed below:

Reference Books

Reference Books are useful for providing background information, definitions and quick facts. Examples are encyclopaedias and dictionaries.

Most of UKZN reference books are identified by the letter 'R' preceding the Dewey number on the spine. They are not loanable and may only be used in the library.

Some examples:

Print and online books: an introduction

Books are a good place to start when searching for information. They often provide a good overview of a subject e.g. textbooks teach the basics of a subject, leaving students to supplement this by wider reading.
UKZN Libraries have an extensive collection of print and electronic books. You may borrow print items from the library using your student card and access electronic books via the Library webpage under 'Electronic Resources'.  Print books are arranged on the shelves in number order.
Anthropology is one of the most wide-ranging subjects and it is important to use the iLink catalogue, as your books could be shelved at a range of numbers in the library

Shelf Numbers of Anthropology Books in the E G Malherbe Library










UKZN library books are given shelf numbers according to the Dewey Decimal System - these shelf numbers keep related books together on the shelf by subject. You can follow the numbers to find a family of related books all together on the shelf.


Most of  the Anthropology books are located on the 2nd floor of the E G Malherbe Library at Howard College Campus in Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Many of these books are kept in the 300s sequence. The main number for Anthropology in general is 306. However, some of the older ethnography books can be found in the 572 sequence. Archaeology books are in the 913 sequence on the 3rd floor.


Below is a list of some of the most useful shelf numbers for Anthropology:


Sociology & anthropology


Social interaction


Social processes


Factors affecting social behaviour


Social groups


Culture & institutions






Social problems & social welfare in general


Social welfare problems & services


Other social problems & services




Penal & related institutions






Schools & their activities; special education


Elementary education


Secondary education


Adult education




Customs, etiquette & folklore


Costume & personal appearance


Customs of life cycle & domestic life


Death customs


General customs


Etiquette (Manners)






Ethnography (the older shelf code – older books)




Archaeology (sometimes of interest to Anthropologists)


Academic Reserves

Prescribed and recommended books in high demand are placed on Academic Reserves. A two hour loan period is available in order to provide access to as many people as possible. Material may not be removed from the library but may be borrowed overnight or for weekends from 3pm on Fridays and must be returned on Monday by 9 am.

Be warned! Late material is subject to heavy fines!

What if a book is not available at UKZN?

Interlibrary LoanUKZN Library offers an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) facility through which books can be borrowed from other libraries in the country if available. Most times there is no charge for borrowing a book. Copies of journal articles may also be requested and if it cannot be scanned and emailed there is a fee for this.

Forms are available for filling in or email the relevant ILL office.

On the national system SABINET, the collection SACat indicates what books are in which library in the country.

For more information please consult the following ILL guides:

New Books

Recommend new books to be ordered by sending the titles to me by e-mail.

Click the link below to view the fortnightly list of new books.

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