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Education Studies: Research support

Additional Resources

SAGE Research Methods Online



UKZN Research Office

Useful Links

1. Learning @ UKZN - Education Postgraduate support group:

This site contains research support material for postgraduate students.  Some of the research related topics on this site are: Searching for the literature and reading, proposal writing, the literature review, method and methodology, theoretical frameworks and more.

Other resources:

2. Training videos



Research process


Identify the research area:

  • What kind of research are you doing?
  • What is the research question/s and / or hypothesis that you wish to answer?

Design the research study:

  • Undertake a preliminary literature review and draw up a research proposal for your supervisor.
  • Get to know your librarian and find out about the research support tools and resources available through the library. Start using Endnote to save your references.
  • Select an appropriate research methodology.
  • Check whether ethical clearance is needed for the research.
  • Situate your research within current research.

Carry out research:

  • Collect the evidence to answer your research question.

Analyse research results:

  • Identify what your research data reveals in relation to your research question.

Publish research results:

  • Identify the format and style in which your thesis must be written.
  • Ensure your referencing is correct and you have avoided plagiarism.

A selection of books on research methods

Please search the library catalogue (icatalogue) for additional resources.

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