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Hydrology: Theses and dissertations

UKZN e-theses and dissertations

Until recently UKZN theses and dissertations (Masters and PhD) were only available in a printed format. The library has digitised most of these collections and have made them available in electronic format via Researchspace. You can search for print theses and dissertations using the iCatalogue and Researchspace. The library is now receiving copies of theses and dissertations in CD-ROM and these are also being uploaded onto Researchspace.


Searching for a thesis or dissertation

1. Print as well as online theses and dissertations can be searched using the iCatalogue, and if a URL link is available it will lead you to the full text.

2. Online theses and dissertations  can be searched using Researchspace. You can choose different fields to search such as author, title, subject or community.

3. UKZN theses and dissertations can also be traced using Google or Google Scholar.

Other collections of theses and dissertations

The UCTD (Union Catalogue of Dissertations and Theses) on SABINET provides an index to all Masters and PhD theses completed in South Africa since 1918. This is the most comprehensive index to South African theses. If you want to see if a thesis is available electronically you will need to go to the library website of the institution where the thesis was completed.

DATAD (Database of African Theses and Dissertations) contains citations and abstracts for dissertations completed in African universities. To search and access the brief citations, you must first register at the site and then login.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. Over 2 million master’s and doctoral theses and dissertations completed at universities around the world since 1861 are included in the database; abstracts are available for those completed since 1980; 24-page previews are available for some recent theses and dissertations.

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