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Hydrology: EndNote guides

What is EndNote

EndNote is a software package for creating and storing references. It is used in conjunction with the typing of Word documents and the creation of bibliographies.

EndNote guides

How to download EndNote

  • Close all your Microsoft programmes
  • Type in this address
  • Click on Academic Software , then choose EndNote, then click on ENX20Inst.msi to install
  • If you are asked to enter a product key, enter the information found next to EndNote 20 product key.txt.

How to create a hanging indent in your bibliography

How to edit your referencing style in Endnote 20

How to cite while you write

What does the term “export” mean

Attaching a PDF to a reference in Endnote 20

Creating groups of references in Endnote 20

How to download an EndNote style from

How to edit a citation in Endnote 20

How to restore the EndNote tab to Word in Endnote 20

Changing your in-text citation to a superscript using the Vancouver style in Endnote 20

Vancouver style

The style is authoritatively outlined in a book called CITING MEDICINE by the National Library of Medicine. The book is available online and each chapter deals with a different kind of source. This is the link to the book

Subject Guide

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