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Law and Legal Studies: E books


Most ebooks purchased by the library are listed in the iCatalogue with a link to the full text. 

Your lecturers may provide you with links in your module outlines.

Some South African ebooks are only available via the databases Juta and Lexis. Please scroll down this page for a list.

Online access depends on whether publishers make such access available to institutions so there are times when online access will not be available.

The Library's catalogue indicates how many copies and in which libraries and sections, print copies of books are kept. If an e copy exists there will be a link. At the landing page you will see how many ecopies are available. Please scroll down for conditions of using an ebook - left hand column.

Print books on Academic reserves may not be borrowed and have to be used in the library.



The UKZN Library is now investing more consciously in online or e-books ever since the Covid-19 pandemic shut the physical libraries. Not all books are published in the online format and not necessarily for institutional access.  Many publishers work through a third party to make their e-books available. Two such third parties that UKZN uses are Ebscohost e- books and Proquest e-books. There are other minor ones such as Kortext.

FINDING E-BOOKS via the UKZN Library page

1. All e-books are listed in the UKZN Library's catalogue with a 'view ebook' tab in every book record. You are then taken to the site where the book is uploaded. A page of information about the book appears - eg number of copies / users, how much can be downloaded or saved etc. The individual chapters are listed with clickable links.

2. E-books tab on the library webpage in the red toolbar. Here you can search immediately for something only in online format. Type the book title, author,  or topic into the search box.

3. E-books page via 'Resources' option on the black toolbar. This will take you to a page of options about  different e-book collections.

4. Some databases contain e-book collections (UKZN does not necessarily have access to all the books). Once in the database you can choose  to search specifically for e-books eg Ebscohost, Proquest etc.

5. Google Scholar and Google Books may also provide partial or full access to ebook content.


Conditions of use are largely determined by the book publisher and affordability.

  • The  number of  copies or uses may vary between one and unlimited (generally 3 simultaneous users)
  • The number of pages that can be printed/ downloaded/ emailed is given and varies from book to book
  • Even if the 'download book' button appears the book may not be available to download
  • Some sites require you to register with them in order to view the e-books or download
  • If all the copies are in use, it is possible to place a hold to access the book when it becomes available


Some new ebooks



  • Most SA law books are published by Juta, Lexis and Oxford University Press (OUP)
  • Until recently many were not available for online institutional access
  • Some Juta and Lexis books are only available on their databases (Under Resources tab on the Library's website, choose databases, databases A-Z and then Juta or  Lexis). These books do NOT appear in the Library's catalogue (this is a publisher decision)
  • Juta, Lexis and OUP are now making more and more of the books available via facilities such as Ebscohost and they are listed in the library's catalogue.


  • Library's catalogue
  • E-books option on the Library's webpage - search directly for a specific book or books on a topic
  • E-books page of collections - indicates publisher / vendor collections
  • Juta database; Lexis database; Ebscohost



Botes - Value added tax                                                                                                
Corbett et al - Quantum of damages in bodily and fatal injury cases  
Currie and De Waal - Bill of  rights handbook  
Davel - Commentary on the Children's Act  
Davis & Olivier - Income tax in SA  
Du Toit et all - Commentary on the Criminal Procedure Act  
Erasmus - Superior court practice  
Forsythe & Pretorius - Caney's law of suretyship  
Fuggle &  Rabie - Environmental management in SA  
Grogan - Workplace law  (in the labour library)  
Hare - Shipping and admiralty jurisdiction  
Henderson - Environmental laws of SA  
Jones & Buckle - Civil practice of the magistrates courts in SA  
Mars - Law of insolvency  
Ramsden - Law of arbitration  
Smythe et al - Sexual offences commentary  
Van der Walt & Pienaar - Constitutional property law  
Woolman & Bishop - Constitutional law of South Africa  


LEXIS  (unless otherwise indicated, the books listed are up to date to 2021/2022).

In Lexis the books are located in the content category called 'Commentary' in the left hand column. They are then further arranged alphabetically under topic headings as per below

SAICA student handbook 2019/2020
Brun  - The Practical Guide to the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice for Specialised Entities
Scholtz - BEE Service Empowermentor
Banking and Finance
De Koker et al  - South African Money Laundering and Terror Financing Law
Moorcroft  - Banking law and practice
Civil procedure
Cilliers - Law of costs
Harms - Civil procedure in magistrates’ courts
Harms - Civil procedure in the superior courts
Saner - Prescription in South African law
Schmidt - Law of evidence
Van Niekerk - Summary judgments a practical guide
Zeffert  - Essential evidence (2010)
Bill of rights compendium
Cheadle - South African constitutional law – Bill of rights
Robinson -  Access to information (2015)
Sutherland - Competition law of South Africa
Otto  - National Credit Act explained (2015)
Scholtz - Guide to the National Credit Act
Van Eeden - Consumer protection law in South Africa
Corporate and commercial
Business contracts compendium
Delport - Henochsberg on the Companies Act 71 of 2008
Delport - The new Companies Act manual (2011)
Galgut / Kunst - Henochsberg on the Companies Act 61 of 1973
Meskin - Henochsberg on the Close Corporations Act
Saner - Agreements in restraint of trade in South African law
Zulman - Norman’s law of purchase and sale in South Africa (2017)
Criminal law and procedure
Bertelsmann - Criminal procedure in the magistrates’ courts a practical guide (2017)
Kruger - Hiemstra’s criminal procedure
Kruger - Organised crime and proceeds of crime law in South Africa (2013)
Terblanche - A guide to sentencing in South Africa (2016, 3rd ed)
De Koker et al  - South African Money Laundering and Terror Financing Law
Employee benefits and retirement
Hanekom  - Manual on retirement funds and other employee benefits
Glazewski - Environmental law in South Africa
Family law and persons
Clark - Family law service
Clark - Handbook of the South African law of maintenance (2016 4th ed)
Corrie - Practical approach to the Child Justice Act
Van Niekerk - A practical guide to patrimonial litigation in divorce actions
Insolvency and business rescue
Levenstein - South African business rescue procedure
Meskin - Meskin’s insolvency law
Intellectual property
Burrell - Burrell’s South African patent and design law (2016 4th ed)
Webster - South African law of trademarks
Labour and Employment
Beaumont - Beaumont solutions
Cheadle – Strikes and the law (2017)
Du Toit - Labour law through the cases
Du Toit - Labour relations law a comprehensive guide (2015 6th ed)
Le Roux – Retrenchment law in South Africa (2016)
Le Roux et al - Harassment in the workplace: Law policies and processes (2010)
Myburgh – Reviews in the labour court (2016)
Pretorius - Employment equity law
Van Jaarsveld – Principles and practice of labour law
Local government
Laubscher – SPLUMA – a practical guide (2016)
Steytler – Local government law of  South Africa (2019)
Mining, minerals and energy
Dale – SA mineral and petroleum law
Le Roux – Mine health and safety law
Occupational health and safety
Le Roux – Occupational health and safety law
Personal injury and delict
Klopper – RAF practitioners guide
Margolius – Valuer’s manual
Muller – Silberberg and Schoeman’s the law of property (6th ed)
Smith – Eviction and rental claims a practical guide
Warmback – Transfer and bond costs
West – Conveyancing practical guide (2015)
West – Practititoner’s guide to conveyancing and notarial practice
Rail and road transport
Klopper – Law of collisions in South Africa (2012)
Swanepoel - South African Road Traffic and Road Transport Legislation
Arendse – Silke on income tax administration
Clegg – Income tax in South Africa
Cronje – Customs and excise service
De Koker – Silke on South African income tax
De Koker – VAT in South Africa
Khan – Silke on international tax
Milo – A practical guide to media law (2013)
Stein – Stein on capital gains tax
Stein & Divaris – South African income tax guide
Zulman – Income tax practice manual
De Koker et al  - South African Money Laundering and Terror Financing Law
Technology media and telecoms
Milo – A practical guide to media law (2013)
De Koker – VAT in South Africa
Wills trusts and estates
Olivier – Trust law and practice (2018)
Pace – Wills and trusts
Wiechers – Administration of estates

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