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Media and Culture Studies : Journals


This is an alphabetical listing of all the electronic journal titles available to UKZN users. Go here when you want to read a specific journal online, or when you want to check availability.


Search databases for newspaper articles only by clicking on the following link:

  • SA Media on Sabinet (South African newspapers)


Read the daily papers and search their archives by clicking on the following links:

Google Scholar

It is useful to search for journal articles here as Google has links to the databases subscribed to by the library.

Google Scholar Search


Scholarly or academic journals are important resources for academic research and assignment writing as they contain up-to-date, specific and often in-depth information. It is even better to use peer-reviewed journals for research. These journals contain articles that have been critiqued by scholars/experts in the same field to ensure that they reflect solid scholarship and high academic standards.

The best and most efficient way of finding articles in peer-reviewed journals is to search the online databases. Here, by doing an advanced search, you can often limit the search to "peer-reviewed articles only" or "scholarly articles only".

The online databases can be found on the Databases A - Z list


Many of the journals listed below have print as well as online versions. In many cases, print has been terminated in favour of online subscriptions. To check for print locations and shelf numbers, go to the iCatalogue. In the Cecil Renaud Library, Pietermaritzburg, print journals are arranged on the shelves (first floor) alphabetically according to title. In the E.G. Malherbe Library, Durban they are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification.

Articles published by UKZN researchers

ResearchSpace, the institutional repository of the University of KwaZulu-Natal houses the research of UKZN academics.

Click link below for Research Articles (English, Media and Performance Studies)


GUIDE: How to spot predatory academic journals in the wild

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