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Media and Culture Studies : Databases


You are able to access all the electronic resources in the library from wherever you are. Click  on Off Campus Access, enter your LAN username and password and the full list of electronic links will be available to you.


This is an alphabetical listing of all the electronic journal titles available to UKZN users. Go here when you want to read a specific journal online, or when you want to check availability.


Directory of Open Access Journals

Journal databases

A journal database is a collection of journal articles from different journals that can be searched online. Some journal databases also include conference papers, e-books, book chapters, reports, theses and dissertations and other types of information.

In many cases, the retrieved articles are available full-text (i.e. the entire article is available), and in some cases only the abstract is available. In this case, you will need to search to see if the print journal is available in the library iCatalogue. If the library does not subscribe to the journal you can get the article from another institution by using the Inter Library Loan facility.

Some databases are multidisciplinary and cover a wide range of subjects (e.g. EbscoHost), while others are subject specific, covering a particular discipline or subject (Project Muse). Others are limited to particular geographic areas, like Sabinet, which covers Africa, particularly sub-saharan Africa.

The following are a selection of electronic databases that are particularly helpful for Media Studies :

Subject Guide

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