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Geography: Useful links

Electronic Resources

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Useful websites and news sites related to Geography

Government information and publications

Much useful information about South Africa is available from government. The South African government website provides access to a wide range of publications post 1994 such as acts and bills, white papers, statistical information (click on the 'Documents' option on the toolbar) and government departments, national and provincial (choose from the left hand side options). The South African yearbook is also available full text under the 'About SA' option on the toolbar.



  • The government gazette version of national acts of parliament and white papers are available full text via Sabinet Online All Legal Products from 1918 to current
  • The most recent versions of acts are available via the databases Juta e publications  (next to the Juta logo, click on the downwards arrow next to 'Choose search form' and choose acts or use the left hand side contents column on the main page) and LexisNexis (use left hand contents column or choose 'focus search' then legislation under the 'Choose search form' option)
  • White and other papers can be obtained via departmental websites.
    Earlier government publications are often only available in print. Use the UKZN Library's iLink catalogue.



Statistics SA Geography Division

Maps and map sites

Maps of the world

AA Route Planner (good for directions)

MapQuest (good for directions)

Google Maps (good for directions)

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