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Welcome! Siyakwamukela! 

History is taught on both the Durban and Pietermaritzburg campuses.
For information about undergraduate and graduate courses, please visit the Department of History website.


Finding print and electronic library materials

UKZN resources

Use  the icatalogue tab of World Cat Local  to search for books, journals and audio-visual materials housed in the UKZN libraries.


Google Scholar is a multidisciplinary database which lets users search for references to scholarly journal articles, citations, theses, preprints and books in the public domain. Full text is not automatically available.  A clickable (UKZN eText) link is provided where full text is available via UKZN databases.

Borrowing books and journals from the library


The Library's iCatalogue is a one-stop place to find out what books, journals, audio-visual material are available in the UKZN library as well as links to online journals, articles, books and more.

Renewing library material

Library material may be renewed as follows:

  • In the library at the lending desk
  • By telephone @ 031 260 2322 / 23 (Howard College); 033 260 5258 (Pietermaritzburg)
  • My library account -on the top toolbar of the library homepage.

Note you will have to register for My library account. After clicking on this option, in the box that appears, click on 'Set/reset password' first, then put in your user name (student or staff number) and a password will be emailed to you by the system. This password is unique to your 'My library account'.

Opening hours UKZN libraries





Main libraries are currently open Monday to Friday: 8am to 11pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm.

Click here to contact the Circulation desks for general inquiries. 

PMB 033 260 5258; HC 031 260 2323; West 031 260 7390; Med 031 260 4261; Edge 031 260 3467

There is no browsing on the shelves and seating is restricted. The research commons is open at the same time as the library.

Subject librarian details are on the right hand side of this page. Please feel free to email us for help.

If you are using our library resources from outside the university please click on Off Campus Access to be able to access those resources that are available beyond campus. From the Library's website go to Resources, then Off Campus Access. You will then need to login with your UKZN login and password. Make sure you also download Global Protect not only for smooth access but also to enjoy the benefits of the UKZN zero rated links.




The History support guide provides information for undergraduates, graduates and researchers in general in the field of History.  The aim of this guide is to help you to find your way through the information resources needed for your research projects.  While many resources are still in printed form, many of the information sources listed in this guide are online and links to them are available here. This guide is accessible from any computer with internet connectivity. Whether you choose to work from home (see off campus access) or the university, you will still be able to access the resources.

Resources for History

Resources for History are in the following libraries:

  • EG Malherbe Library, Howard College, Durban 
  • Cecil Renaud Library, Pietermaritzburg

and in the following Special Collections:


Resource Collection for History:

  • All Search: Your Gateway to Primary Sources


  • Search seamlessly across your Rand Daily Mail and African Newspapers: The British Library Collection.
  • African Newspapers: The British Library Collection, 1821 - 1900


  • Rare newspapers from throughout Africa published during the 19th century.
  • Historical and Current South African News Sources:


  • Rand Daily Mail (Johannesburg, South Africa), 1902-1985
  • Sunday Times, The (Johannesburg, South Africa), 1906 – 2019
  • Sowetan (Johannesburg, South Africa), 1981 – 2019
  •  Rand Daily Mail, 1902-1985


  • The Rand Daily Mail is renowned today for being the first newspaper to openly oppose apartheid and contribute to its downfall. Explore deep coverage from the Boer Wars to the Apartheid Era.
  • Sowetan, 1981 – 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa


  •   Sunday Times Archive, 1906 – 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa




Training's Evaluation


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Off campus access

For Off Campus Access you will need a valid LAN username and password.  This refers to the username and password you use to access the computers on campus. The above link takes you straight to the list of off campus databases. Click on the database name and type in your LAN login when prompted.

Alternatively, on the library's webpage, there is a toolbar of options  near the top of the page. The middle tab is called 'Resources.' Hold your mouse over this tab for the drop down menu. Click on the bottom option called "off campus access." Click on the name of the database you wish to use. You will be asked for your LAN login and password to be able to use the database.  If you experience difficulties with your login call the ICS help desk: 031 / 033 260 4000.

Government publications

 A selection of South African government print publications are held in respective campus libraries within UKZN.

At Pietermaritzburg Main library, they are on the first floor in the alphabetical sequence of journals (under SOU) and also in the Reference section of the Main library on the ground floor. Some (commercial versions of legislation) are also kept at the Law library. 

At Howard College, print government publications are kept on the 3rd floor of EG Malherbe library and others at the Law library.

Many online government publications are available via the following websites:

Click the link below for government publications held by UKZN libraries:








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