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What is a Book, Journal, Magazine, and Research Paper

A research paper is written to record insights in a particular topic in an academic area either in the arts, the sciences or the social sciences. The tone of a research paper is serious and no nonsense. It usually deals with serious topics, are very detailed and follow a strict format of referencing other books or papers or sources mentioned. This depends on the discipline. English literature prefers the MLA style of documentation. Social sciences prefer the APA style of documentation. Research papers are published in a journal. They can be authored by one person or several people. For example: papers published in the journal Nature. 
A journal is a collection of academic research papers or writing from several people based on a theme and published from time to time (either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, annually, biannually). The tone of a journal is serious. A journal has multiple authors. They are numbered or given seasonal names to keep track of the issues. For example: Granta Autumn 2014.     
A magazine is a collection of articles not based on an academic subject but rather a theme either in print or electronically or both. There are magazines based on news (the Week, India Today), features (Open), science and technology (Wired), natural history (National Geographic), travel (Outlook Traveller), fashion (Elle, Cosmopolitan) and photography (Photographer) among others. They are published from time to time (either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, annually, biannually) The tone of a magazine can be either serious or light. Magazines are also numbered to keep track of the published issues.    
A book - in an academic sense - is a detailed exploration running into many pages on a particular subject. They can be a collection of papers penned by one author or several authors. For example: A.L Basham's 'The Wonder That was India'. PhD theses can be published as academic books. There are books written on pretty much any subject under the sun and in any tone.

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