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Literature in African Languages: Research support

Research books in print

  • Books on research methodology : 001.45 and 300.7...
  • Books on thesis writing and referencing: 808.02 +
  • Key texts are often kept in Academic Reserves
  • The books listed below are available at the E.G. Malherbe Library (Dbn) and the Cecil Renaud Library (Pmb)

A handbook to literary researchEdit/Delete

Call Number: Dbn: 807.2 HAN; Pmb: 807.2 MIL
Practical research : planning and designEdit/Delete
Call Number: Dbn & Pmb: 001.43 LEE

Research in practice : applied methods for the social sciencesEdit/Delete

Call Number: Dbn: 300.72 RES; Pmb: 300.72 TER
Research for writersEdit/Delete
Call Number: Dbn: RC808.02 HOF; Pmb: 808.02 HOF
Research writing : breaking the barriersEdit/Delete
Call Number: Dbn & Pmb: 808.066 BAD

Literature searching

Find out how to search for information and develop a search strategy.

Steps in the research process

Identify the research area
What kind of research are you doing and what is the research question/s and / or hypothesis that you wish to answer?

Design the research study
There are various broad types of research in literary studies which may be qualitative or quantitative and each requires a particular methodology:
  • Text or genre approach where the study may be of particular texts or particular kinds of texts often of a particular author or theme
  • Area focus where the study may be across media, comparative, dealing with translations or interdisicplinary
  • Theory focus taking approaches such as feminist, cultural studies

  Undertake a preliminary literature review and draw up a research proposal for your supervisor. Check whether ethical clearance is needed

Carry out research
Know your library collection both print and electronic, know the tools for searching for information and understand how to evaluate resources. Situate your research within current research. Collect your evidence to answer your research question. Click on the Books, Journals, Databases and Theses tabs above for more information on sources of information and tools. A very useful  brief guide to aspects of the literature review and types of reviews etc has been put together by Chimene Tucker of the Unviersity of S California.
Analyse research results
What does your research / data collection tell you and in relation to your research question?
Publish research results
In what format / style must your thesis be written; ensure your referencing is correct and you have avoided plagiarism (click on the Referencing tab above)






UKZN Research Office

Existing theses are a good guide to format, style, methodology and references

Click on the Theses tab above for links to theses collections at UKZN, South Africa and beyond.

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